5 Popular Fruits to Regrow From Your Kitchen

Regrow Fruits - Avocado
Growing your own vegetables and fruits is a fun way of ensuring regular, fresh supply. Not only they taste better, you can also save some money as it gets expensive buying them from your local market. By growing your own produce can help reduce carbon footprint through cutting down in food miles. Check out these amazing tips on how to make a garden out of your kitchen scraps!

How to Regrow Fruits


1. Slice the tomato ¼ inch thick horizontally.
2. Get a container and fill ¾ with all-purpose soil. Place 4 tomato slices on it.
3. Cover up the remaining ¼ with soil to just barely cover the tomatoes.
4. Leave the container in direct with sunlight and moisten the soil.
5. Spray water on to the seeds every other day and watch for the seeds to sprout.


1. Remove the avocado seed.
2. Rinse it with water and allow it to dry.
3. Pill the dark skin off which covers the seed.
4. Poke toothpicks in three sides of the avocado seed.
5. Place the seed in a cup of water, the toothpicks will hold the seed up. So only the bottom half of the avocado seed should be submerge in water.
6. Place it near the window to have sunlight.
7. A root should grow after 2 to 3 weeks.
8. Once it sprouted and grows some leaves. Transfer to soil.


1. Choose a pineapple with green leaves.
2. Cut the leaves or crown off the pineapple fruit.
3. Pluck some of the lower leaves off to expose the stem.
4. Soak it in a cup of water and place the cup in a sunny spot.
5. Wait few weeks for the roots to sprout.
6. Transfer the crown in a pot with soil, keeping it moist and warm.
7. After a year or even longer, a red cone would appear in the center of the crown. Then followed by flowers, and eventually the pineapple fruit.
8. Wait another 6 months for the fruit to fully develop.


1. You have to remove the seeds from the strawberry using a toothpick.
2. Rinse off the seeds, making sure no fruit is left on the seeds and allow them to dry off thoroughly.
3. Get a container and fill it almost full with seed-starting or all-purpose soil. Then place the seeds in it.
4. Cover the seeds with one-quarter inch of soil.
5. Just spray water on the seeds every other day.
6. Leave the container with the seeds in sunlight. Watch the seeds to sprout.
7. By the time they grow their third leaves, transfer them to soil where they will grow and bare fruits.


slice of lemon

1. Use organic lemon when possible, slice it half and remove the seeds.
2. Rinse the seeds off, but don’t let it dry.
3. Get a container and fill ¾ with all-purpose soil.
4. The seeds should still be moist, so don’t delay to plant the seeds in the container with soil.
5. Burry the seeds half inch deep, somewhere in the middle of the container.
6. Spray water on the soil that’s directly above the seeds.
7. Cover the container using clear plastic wrap and seal the edges using a rubber band.
8. Poke some holes in the top using a toothpick.
9. Place the container in a warm, sunny area.
10. Spray water occasionally to keep soil moist.
11. When sprouting emerges, usually about 2 weeks after, take off the plastic covering.
12. Transfer to a bigger container or pot by the time the plant outgrows the small container.

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