List of The Best Kitchen Appliances

Best Masticating Juicers
A masticating juicer is sometimes called a slow juicer or a cold press juicer. This is the newer type of juicer that instead of using a spinning blade to extract juice, they rather use a chewing press for the highest juice yield. And since the chewing press spins much slower in compressing fruits or vegetables, it will not produce as much heat and will be able to keep more of the fruits and veggies nutrients intact. The juice also looks richer and deeper in color, hence more appetizing. Read more
Best Knife Sharpeners
A sharp knife is important for safety because a dull knife tends to be more prone to slip on food that may result in bloody injury. A sharp knife is also important for efficiency. It can save you time and effort to cut using sharp knives than with dull knives. Do you also know that using sharp knives can preserve the true flavors of the fresh ingredients you are using in your recipe? Since a dull knife may damage the food on a cellular level that may alter its taste and appearance. Read more
Cold Brew Coffee Makers
A cold-brew coffee is a style of coffee making by steeping the coffee grounds in room temperature water for around 12-24 hours, before the solids are filtered out. It creates a black coffee concentrate that can be used to make hot coffee, iced coffee, and milk drinks such as lattes. The coffee concentrate can be kept fresh in the fridge and would last for up to 2 weeks. Cold brew coffee is sweeter and smoother since the coffee grounds are not exposed to high temperatures, so it usually tastes more flavorful and also less bitter. Read more
Best Bread Makers
A bread making machine is a home kitchen appliance for baking bread. It is quite simple to use even for beginners. Commonly, you take out the tin or the bread pan out of the bread machine. Measure your ingredients and then load them up in the tin. Then place the tin back inside the machine and choose the program you want using the controls. Close the lid and wait for the bread machine to do its magic. Imagine how good it is to have fresh baked bread every single day. Get yours one today with any of these top-rated bread makers. Read more

Things You Should Know Before Getting New Kitchen Appliances

Small Appliances

They have reached to a point that they are not just for functional, but also as a part of the décor. Choose kitchen appliances that will suit most of your kitchen’s design, styles and color schemes, or better get an even match set. Some of today’s small appliances are coffeemaker, toaster, blender, mixer, juicer, and kettle.

Eco-friendly Appliances

Most kitchen appliances, especially the large ones, contains a rating referring to energy/water usage and its efficiency. You can easily see the ratings on the front of the box and the higher the ratings are, the more economical the appliance would be. So by considering the size and energy output before getting an appliance will help consumers save money in the long run.


While it is importance to consider getting appliances that could help save energy, time and money. It’s also favorable to pick the right kitchen appliances that will suit your kitchen’s style, aesthetics, and family requirements. But if you want to save money, then you have to stay neutral and choose appliances in shades of gray, white or beige as they are normally less expensive. They will not look outdated as well if trends or seasons change.

Universally Designed Kitchen Appliance

It is important to consider buying appliances that everyone (elderly visitors, the kids, other people with limited mobility) can be comfortable using them and be safe around.

Proper Planning

Keep the major appliances that are connected to utilities (such as gas, water, electricity) from where they are and also plan any major renovations for cabinets or islands around them.

Get A Better Deal

Buyers who haggle can save around $100 on average when buying large appliances. Check the market price of the appliance before you will negotiate, or by comparing prices on the internet might give you better options on where to buy.


Gas cooktops are mostly favored by chefs, but with the innovation of induction technology will provide a more evenly heat that is easy to control and will cool quickly when not used. Having an induction cooktop is also good if you are short on bench space since the surfaces are flat. It is also easier to clean compare to gas cooktops.


By having a separate oven and cooktop can be great if you want to be a chef or just love cooking. This will open up a new world of possibilities. If you want to save some space, getting a combined oven and cooktop would be ideal, or try to fit the oven under your cooktop. Most large kitchens have double ovens which are great for entertaining visitors or for large families.


This appliance can really take up a lot of visual space. So be aware of the size of the fridge as it will depend on the cavity/space available. Most of the newly built homes provide larger fridge space while older homes only have space for old model fridges which are shorter and narrower. Nowadays, the popular refrigerators feature French doors which open to a double width refrigerator. Its freezer can be found at the bottom with drawers for an easy access, and this type of fridge offers maximum storage too.


Having a single dish drawer is ideal for small kitchens with less than 4 users. Double dish drawer is good to have one running while other is being loaded into the dishwasher. Normally, a dishwasher is disguised by the countertops and only the controls are visible.


An essential part of the kitchen used to heat or reheat foods quickly and easily. It can also cook quickly.

Steam Oven

Became a favorite inclusion for cooking enthusiast in recent years. It provides a fast, effective and healthy way to cook. But it is not able to brown or crisp foods effectively. Having a combination steam oven would be an excellent alternative since it combines steam with conventional fan-forced heat for cooking.

List of The Best Kitchen Appliances April 26, 2017