Towels And Cellphones Can Be Harmful In The Kitchen

Using Mobile Phone While Cooking
Are towels and mobile phone endangering the health of your family? Even it shocked me at first, but it does make sense. According to a new study, towels and mobile phones are now in the top of the kitchen contamination hazard lists.

The study found most people touched their phones and towels often while cooking. The research also showed that these things can be riddled with bacteria and should be disinfected since this could cause food poisoning.

Many of us thought that the cutting board, kitchen sink and any other surfaces that often come in contact with our food should be regularly cleaned and disinfected. But only a few have thought that towels and mobile phones should be treated as potential hazards in the kitchen as well.

The study was published in Food Protection trends where participants were assigned into groups. This is to observe how consumers engaged in food handling behaviors that could add to foodborne illness so that these behaviors can be improved.

The food safety research utilized video observations, it showed that the participants were touching the cloth towels before washing their hands or using the towels right after washing the hands inadequately. So even if the participants washed their hands properly, but by reusing kitchen towels that already have been infected are re-contaminating their hands all over again. This shows that the towels were the most contaminated contact surface and the researchers believed that kitchen towels can easily and quickly become contaminated at significant levels that would lead to food poisoning.

This is a good reason why paper towels are most hygienic way to dry the hands. But obviously, used paper towels should be thrown away after each use.

Hand Dry Using Paper Towel

But instead of directly grabbing paper towels after washing the hands, it is a good practice to shake your hands for while first. Then grab a paper towel to dab off the remaining moisture. This will save you in using more paper towels.

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How about mobile phones? Well, our mobile phones, tablets, ipads, etc can be covered in bacteria too. An easy example of our phones to be contaminated is by taking our mobile phones into the bathroom. These days, using these devices while cooking have become a common practice, especially when using them to take pictures or checking the recipes. So these devices should be treated as potential hazards if used in the kitchen. People should wipe the surfaces and their phones using a disinfectant solution more often. Or better yet, keep the phones away when preparing food.

This video will give you ideas on how to avoid cross contamination when preparing food.


Cross contamination means accidental transfer of hazardous germs from one surface to another and it can be caused by contaminated hands and equipment.

To prevent cross contamination when preparing food for the family, the hands should be properly and often washed. Use a paper towel to dry your hands or air dry for about 20 seconds.

Clean and disinfect the surfaces that often come in contact with foods when cooking. These are just simple ways that should be followed when cooking. You should follow it for your family as their health is in your hands. Prepare food the safer way.

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